Who at JetBlue Approved This Campaign?

Jackie Kollar
March 15, 2019

If I asked you to erase all of the photos on your Instagram account, how much would that cost me? Twenty dollars? A month’s worth of coffee? A six-month gym membership? How about unlimited flights for an entire year?

While I, personally, can not give you any of the above, JetBlue decided they could. In late February JetBlue announced their, “All You Can Jet” sweepstakes, which gifted three winners the chance to fly anywhere for free for a year. If most flights are priced anything like the recent ones I’ve booked, that adds up to a whole lot of cash. And at this point, I am very interested in the campaign. Hook me with FREE, and I’m in.


The ask? The giveaway concluded on March 8, and required Insta-users to completely wipe their Instagram account of all posts. After content cleansing, simply upload a photo with the JetBlue template showcased on their account, tag the image using @JetBlue and #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes, and fill in the blank to “All You Can ______,” with your own personalized message.

So this is where JerBlue begins to lose me. In my head I begin thinking, how quickly can I archive all of my Instagram posts, and slap one of their templates onto my account? Or better yet, how little effort would it take to create a new account and upload this single post? All I need is an email address and three minutes of my time.


And the results. The campaign saw ~29k posts across Instagram with different takes on the messaging ranging from, All You Can Burger, to All You Can Explore. 29,000 over about two weeks is nothing to scoff at, HOWEVER I invite you to take a look at the photos using #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes, and you’ll quickly find out most entries were submitted incorrectly. Photos either did not using the correct template, did not tag appropriately, or simply didn’t take part in deleting their entire account. And the creative outcomes, well, they used a branded template.

Insert yawn.



Trust me, I am all about free, and am the first person at an event looking for the swag bag, but take a second look at the optics of this campaign, and the FAQ page, and tell me this isn’t horribly flawed.

And now, I bring you to my list of why All You Can Jet, is junk:

So, what’s the point?

Most importantly, what’s the goal of this campaign? Sure JetBlue’s name has hit the headlines, but what now? What if the winner doesn’t post about their experiences, it’s not like they’re required to. And what about everyone else? What if they erase the JetBlue photo, unarchive their photos? All is back to normal, and no sign of JetBlue? Yeah, I’m going to have to give this campaign two thumbs down.

JetBlue, you had your flash in the pan. And that’s about it.