Your Everyday Guide To Getting Social At The 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

February 11, 2015

As soon as I heard that they were coming out with a Taken 3 – I was sold immediately. I had so many questions, primarily: “Will they ever explain why Liam Neeson’s teenage daughter wanted to follow a U2 tour in the first place?!

So, obviously, as soon as the movie came out I linked up with my girlfriend and made a date out of it. We got to the theater, grabbed our tickets, and found the perfect seat. I’m so excited for the loads of impending action that’s about to be all up in my face that I could barely even comprehend the seriousness of the question that my girlfriend threw out at me:

Are you gonna get popcorn?

*Four letter word*

Of course I’m gonna get popcorn. What would this experience be without it?!

Popcorn and movies go together like bacon and eggs. Peanut butter and jelly. Rock and roll. And, how appropriately, social media and the ever popular Philadelphia Flower Show, whose theme this year just happens to be “Celebrating the Movies.”

And just like movie theaters were around way before popcorn came into the pictures (get it?), The Flower Show was around wayyy before social media. This month, the show enters its 186th year running—and back in 1827 when the show kicked off, there was no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to show off all of this kind of great stuff:

It obviously could have been a whole lot better with it because, just like the movie theater experience is enhanced by a big ol’ buttery bucket of popcorn, the Flower Show experience is enhanced by social media. It brings it to an entirely new level of fun, excitement, and involvement.

For the past couple years, ChatterBlast has teamed up with PHS to ensure that social media is employed to make the event the best experience possible. Last year we worked tirelessly to create several high-profile social campaigns that quickly proved successful in gaining new followers, increasing engagement and attracting local media.

That’s why this year we’re back at it—and as we prepare for all of this year’s beautiful movie-themed action at the show, we’re bringing the popcorn to boost your experience.

With the help of PHS’s Jamie McFadden and Lisa Stephano (who is celebrating her 35th year with the show!) I give to you your Everyday Guide to Getting Social at the 2015 Flower Show starting with—

The first key to getting social is to recognize Facebook as your home base for social content and customer service during the show.

McFadden told me that “The people who we’re trying to talk to on Facebook are the core of people that are attending the show but are also people that are on the fence about attending” and continued on to say “I want them to see beautiful visuals and think for themselves, ‘You know what—I can’t miss the show this year. I missed it last year and I don’t want to miss it this year.’”

What Jamie is essentially getting at is that Facebook is where your entire sphere of friends will intersect with the friends of the Flower Show among the constant sharing of the excitement and imagery that comes along with it. Not only are you going to make new Facebook/IRL friends there, but you’ll get your current ones there with you to experience the beauty.

Before, during, and after the show, you’re going to want to check on the Philadelphia Flower Show Facebook page for constant content that covers interviews, industry news, gardening tutorials, show history, and other relevant happenings.

I’m looking at you millennials. I know this is where you like to hang out these days. Instagram is going to be your best friend at this year’s show. Photos are everything—and being that the show is so visual, this is where you’ll gravitate to show the beauty, creativity and hard work of nbso online casino reviews this year’s vendors.

It’s also where you’ll show off the little bit of warmth you’ve captured in the dead of this bleak winter:

 Anyone who was getting social at the Flower Show in 2014 remembers the designated selfie spots around the show floor where you can capture the beauty of yourself and the horticulture all in one. Last year, a whopping 22,000 people hit the selfie spots and they’re expected to be an even bigger hit this year—so bring your selfie sticks because, this year, Jamie believes that “with selfie being added to the dictionary and with the selfie stick being one of the best Christmas gifts this year, it’s no longer a teenage demo—We’re hoping to see some grandmas behind the selfie sticks!”

The most important guideline to remember when getting social at PFS 2015 on Instagram is to hit your pictures with the #FlowerShow tag and to keep up with what’s getting shared at @PhilaFlowerShow.

If Instagram is your best friend come the 28th, then Twitter is your runner up. Where else are you going to join the Flower Show conversation in real time?

Twitter trends will make it so easy to find the conversation you’re looking for, as Lisa said, “based on how you’re trying to talk to people and [how you’re] able to find them as a whole set.

Sometimes, not every piece of news requires an entire Facebook post for an update. Twitter will prove to be much more direct for your experience. The @PhilaFlowerShow handle will be your go-to source for bringing the PFS breaking news right to your smartphone which could include updates on celebrity appearances, interviews, and other little tidbits that are served best in Twitter’s quick flash fashion.

The #FlowerShow hashtag will also be used on Twitter so you can find your way into the conversation about what’s going on and find real time customer service if you need it.

Needless to say, we’re getting pretty excited. Only a few more weeks until one of our favorite times of the year. Until then, we’ll be plugged into the PHS Blog to keep updated on everything green as well as the latest and greatest developments leading up to the show. Check it out!

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