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Philadelphia Auto Show


Since 1902, the Philadelphia Auto Show has been the greater Philadelphia area’s premier automobile exhibition, attracting more than 250,000 visitors every year to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Owned by the Automobile Owners Association of Greater Philadelphia (ADAGP), the Auto Show is ubiquitous among Philadelphians and Pennsylvanians alike and brings together people across all backgrounds.

The ADAGP asked ChatterBlast to amplify the Auto Show’s social media performance to attract new audiences, spread awareness and increase sales.


Coupling creative content series and well-researched advertising strategies, the ChatterBlast Media team devised powerful solutions for telling the story of the 2017 Philadelphia Auto Show.

CBM’s content strategy gave an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the creation of the region’s largest automobile trade show, and leveraged trending tools like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, 360-degree photography, drones and time-lapse video to showcase the Auto Show’s 116th year through a modern lens. CBM’s user-engagement strategy featured fan stories and ticket giveaways to further increase audience participation and drive conversation.

Creating more than 600 posts and content pieces across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, CBM fortified the Auto Show’s social media accounts to become the go-to source of information and storytelling behind the show.


Through strategically developed creative content that resonated with the Auto Show’s core audience, and paired with targeted social media advertising, the Auto Show reached more than two million users across all social media platforms and grew social media accounts by more than 10,000 new fans and followers within the span of the 2017 campaign, exceeding all account growth goals.

Results at a Glance

Our Solution

With such a popular and robust collection of activity, the ChatterBlast team utilized advanced content techniques and a highly researched targeting strategy to illustrate the story of the 2017 Philadelphia Auto Show through rich visuals, audience engagement and a precise attention to each narrative detail of the show's duration.