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Ah, ChatterBlast University.

We’ve had a real, well, blast developing our educational workshop program for more than a year now, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. (Just check out some scenes from last week’s workshop on social media advertising below.)

Looking good. 

Without further adieu, we’d like to invite you to our upcoming ChatterBlast University course: Instagram and Beyond: Visuals in Digital Storytelling. 

In this course, you should expect a full-blown workshop oriented to industry standards for social media visuals. Imagery, video, GIFs and anything in between—visual formats are being harnessed and explored by professionals to showcase their missions and messages every day. Social media will only continue to become a highly visual means of communication, so now’s the time to keep up to date with the highest standards and practices.

What are the details?

And you won’t even need all of this equipment.

In Visuals in Digital Storytelling, expect the following topic areas to be covered.

  • Fundamentals for social visuals
  • Engaging with users and drawing their attention
  • Identifying current and future visual trends
  • A breakdown of best practices and tips for each major social platform
  • A hands-on session, where students craft visuals in a workshop-style setting and get one-on-one feedback and mentorship
  • A wonderful workshop space hosted inside of Tactix

Who is this course for? 

Instagram and Beyond: Visuals in Digital Storytelling is for anyone who needs to utilize social and digital media tools to grow your business or sell your products/services.

In other words: Small business owners, marketing managers, entrepreneurs and more—If you’re using social media to reach a larger audience to deliver your message, this course is for you.

Sign up for Instagram and Beyond: Visuals in Digital Storytelling here. 


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