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July 20, 2018

I’m just going to come out and say it: I have some problems with fitness accounts on Instagram.

I understand the need to be healthy and fit, but current trends twist those ideas and turn them into societal ideals shoved on women’s bodies. Many of these accounts push users to lose weight and get a bigger booty, not to eat better or become stronger. It’s all about the image on the outside, and I’ve noticed a lot of these influencers will do almost anything to keep it that way.

I love Instagram. For a copywriter, I’m a very visual person who’s a sucker for anything monochromatic, aesthetically pleasing, or just plain cute. That’s why I started following a lot of lifestyle bloggers to inspire me creatively and emotionally and to better myself overall. In this following spree, I collected a bunch of fitness accounts to motivate me to keep healthy eating and exercise in my life. I didn’t realize how much these accounts would send a spiral of self-doubt and insecurities straight towards me, though.

Many of the people I’ve found, and have even followed, have their own diet and exercise plans. The issue, though, is that they push the body they’ve created on their screen, not how they actually look. It’s confusing to me, because one minute they tell you to love your body and accept yourself, but the next, they push these “quick fix diets” and fat-burning supplements for you to get the perfect body—their body.

Who is ready to get shredded?????????‍♀️ . I get so many questions everyday about what fat burners I use in my supplement regimen. I only trust one brand for my supplements, and they have finally launched their NEW thermogenic fat burner: Ai-LIPOROL by @yamamotonutrition???? “ANITA10 “ saves you???? . For those who have no idea what a fat burner is or does, a thermogenic fat burner is designed mainly to increase the heat in your body. This affects your metabolism and increases your body’s ability to burn fat. This type of fat burner is the most effective when paired with a healthy diet plus a regular weight training and cardio regimen ????????‍♀ . Ai-LIPOROL includes effective and active ingredients to best promote thermogenesis and dispose of accumulated fats in your body – all without those unnecessary stimulants that may leave you feeling jittery or cause that horrible energy crash ????????‍♀ . These ingredients include: ✅ Capsaicin – this element is what gives chili it’s spiciness and is a key ingredient to increase your temperature, resulting in an accelerated metabolism and helps free fatty acids from fat cells stored in your body. It also helps you stay full for longer and decreases your appetite . ✅Green Coffee – this ingredient assists your body in limiting the caloric intake of each meal and reduces the digestion of fats and their accumulation in the liver. This also helps you use more fat as a source of energy, burning away those excess fat buildups in your body . ✅Glucomannan – this is a dietary fiber that increases your sense of fullness, lowers blood sugar levels, and decreases cholesterol and body weight. When it’s mixed with water, it expands and occupies more space in your stomach, creating an immediate sense of fullness that absorbs fat and helps it pass through your body quicker . ✅ Green Tea and Cacao – these both contain powerful antioxidants and caffeine to increase your metabolism and provides an energy boost so you won’t miss a workout. These also helps your body release dopamine, a brain chemical that provides your body with levels of focus and improves your mood, all while limiting risks of hunger attacks or binges that can really slow your progress

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Detox drinks and fat-burning supplements often sponsor these type of accounts. Sure, those methods can be easy and quick ways to get the “dream body”, but they’re not exactly healthy. Athletic clothing brands like Gym Shark sponsor some of these accounts, but it seems as though some of their models are just models, not fitness enthusiasts.

Madalin Giorgetta, the woman in the video above, has 716k followers. Her bio states she’s a personal trainer, but from watching her videos, I get the impression that she doesn’t like to work out very much. There’s nothing wrong with struggling in the gym, but she seems to put up a smoke screen of a super-fit gym rat. In my opinion, she is the perfect example of using the gym to not actually gain strength and be healthy, but rather to shape her body into the “ideal body” as determined by societal standards.

It’s been proven time and time again how fitness bloggers will manipulate their bodies in photos to give them that #slimthicc look, when in reality, they look quite different. With the right angles, even someone like me with the flattest butt ever can look perfectly rounded.

????‍♀️ Those angles, I tell ya… ???????? The one thing I was most insecure about growing up was my booty. I’ve always been smaller on bottom and I would try to wear long shirts to cover it. One thing I’ve loved about fitness is the ability to sculpt your body in various ways BUT there’s only so much muscle you can build on your butt AND you need to flex it to really show it off ???????? . A lot of the booty pics you see on Instagram are flexed, pushed out, back arched so much it actually hurts…plus high waisted pants that accentuate a small waist and lift the booty too…there are so many ways to make it look 10x bigger on insta than in real life, and I do it too!! I love posing and admiring the “Instagram booty” but that’s not my real booty. And I’m okay with that. . Over time, I’ve gotten several comments about my lack of a butt, even recently when I actually am so proud of my hard work. It may not look like what someone else would consider an ideal booty, but it’s mine!! Not theirs. And I’ve had to work hard to love it and to shape it and to love it no matter the shape or size. People are always going to have opinions on your body. Do they hurt sometimes? Yes. But a wise woman once said, “You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there will still be someone who hates peaches”. And in this case, I LITERALLY mean peaches ???????????????? #bodylove #realstagram #angles (pants are Lorna Jane! :)) . Try @bodyloveapp FREE for 7-days! ????

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The model above, Anna Victoria, is a certified personal trainer who has regularly posted photos of her natural body versus her posed body. She assures young girls that the image we see isn’t how her body looks on any given moment—she has to pose for it. It’s important and refreshing when influencers and models show how easy it is to give an illusion of an hourglass figure, proving that no body is as “perfect” as it may seem.

Unfortunately, not all accounts have the same clarity between them and their followers.

Instagram fitness model Jen Selter is filled with mixed messages. This post from Valentine’s Day shows her surrounded by pizza.

Spending Valentine’s day with my true love…. Who’s joining me?

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But less than two weeks earlier, she chided her followers for cheating on their diets during the Super Bowl.

???? Who went a little crazy on the Super Bowl snacks? • Wanted to take the time today to remind everyone that one cheat meal — or cheat day — is not going to hurt your progress. It’s good to deviate from the norm for a special occasion, as long as you get right back on track the next day. So today, I wanted to share some tips to cleanse and detox and help your body recover from all of the questionable things you ate yesterday. ▪️Drink a lot of water today! A helpful guideline is to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water (so if you weigh 120lbs, drink 60oz of water) ▪️Eat lots of fruits and veggies today! Fruits and veggies are super cleansing and detoxing, so load up on all the good stuff today. A fresh pressed green juice on an empty stomach is a great option ▪️You should stay away from refined sugars and carbohydrates today. Refined sugars and carbohydrates are highly inflammatory – amongst many other things, so best to avoid altogether! ▪️If you’re bloated, you may want to try some apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water and cinnamon. Pure green tea also works well. ▪️Exercise, exercise, exercise! No better way to cleanse the body and the soul than to get your body moving and work up a sweat to release all of the built up toxins from the weekend. ➡️Hope these tips help! Life is all about balance, and sometimes that means getting your drink on and eating pizza when game-day calls for it. Check out my blog for more motivation and inspiration for getting back on track after a cheat meal.

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I have an issue with the language she uses here. To me, there are mixed and harmful messages in these pictures. She starts out saying that “cheat” meals are okay, but then, her “tips” revolve around punishing your body for making a mistake. It’s important to have goals and remain on track, but no one should have to “make up” for eating “questionable” food.

The message I received from these posts is that you can’t achieve a body like hers by cheating or eating things like pizza, since she told her followers to make up for the cheat day. But then, she changes her message by posing with these “bad” foods. Was this a marketing ploy to get her followers to “relate” to her? (If so, she makes her lifestyle seem pretty unattainable…)

I’m sick and tired of people feeling guilty for eating, myself included. We need to do better! We need more natural-looking bodies on Instagram. I’m not talking about size; I’m talking about the 30 seconds it takes to suck in, twist, and tighten your butt to take a picture. We need to let go and stop hiding behind our insecurities. Fitness shouldn’t be about what you look like—it should be about fueling your body and staying healthy and happy.

No one should exert themselves physically and mentally just to reach an unrealistic ideal. There is a difference between being fit and healthy versus being obsessed with how you look. Making yourself feel bad is never going to make you feel good! Remember that the next time you second guess yourself while scrolling through your Instagram feed.

If you want to follow fitness accounts that share healthy and inspiring messages, here are some of my personal favorites:

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please call the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 or text NEDA at 741741.

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