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February 2, 2018

Ah, the Super Bowl. The bowl of soups! Or as we in the marketing world are forced to say under threat of legal action, the big game. Yeah, baby!

This Saturday, our very own Philadelphia Eagles will face off against the New England Patriots on the biggest field of them all, so we’re obviously a little biased in terms of who we want to win. And as a bunch of advertising professionals, we’re clearly excited to see what a new round of Super Bowl commercials will bring.

But ever since that Sunday night a little more than a week ago when the Birds advanced to the big game, there’s been something special brewin’ in this city, and it’s made its way onto social media—mainly #PhillyTwitter—as well.

Sure, sports outlets everywhere were sharing all of the most viral videos from Philly’s legendary celebration in the streets, causing many to wonder what actually happens in this city on a daily basis. But some of our favorite tweets have been the ones by regular, excited fans here in Philly—the ones that you have to live here to really understand.

Naturally, we’ve been documenting our favorite moments from this wild, wonderful display of the Philly personality we know and love. Here are our favorites.

Ah, “The Gang Goes to the Super Bowl” — everyone’s favorite episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

When he bench presses the liberty bell ????????????????????????

Oh hey, that’s our client!

You know he’d be the one to do it, too.


Sounds about right.

Take some advice from the legend himself, Eagles fans.

Dril…………………………. you’ve believed in us for so long………………. thank you

New phone who dis?



A very under-appreciated tweet TBQH


Honestly why did you ever even leave?

It just doesn’t get old.

A pretty solid ranking, if you ask us.

Have a bone to pick with this ranking, or want to nominate another tweet for this list? Let us know.

We’ll end with a phrase that’s been more common in our city these past two weeks than even a simple “hello”:

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