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July 19, 2019


Yesterday, Universal Pictures dropped the first trailer for its adaptation of Cats, the 1981 Broadway musical about, well, cats.

Featuring a truly perplexing cast consisting of people from Ian McKellen to Taylor Swift to Jason Derulo, everything about the movie looks like a weird, nightmarish hallucination full of a lot of digitally enhanced fur. TL;DR: It is deeply unsettling.

If you haven’t already, take a look.

While I’m still personally trying to wrap my mind around all of the decisions that real, living, breathing humans made to lead us to the existence of these two minutes and twenty-two seconds, other internet users have begun their analysis.

Mac deserves better than association with this lunacy.

Speak for yourself, therapist, I’m feeling v attacked right now.

You and me both.

The tails are a problem.

Angela and Sprinkles would never approve of this!!!

At least it would help us understand.

Protect your reputations while you can, kitties.

We had no idea how much worse it could get.

Fitting, tbh!!!

At least they will walk away unscathed.

And finally, my personal favorite:


What will a complete, feature-length Cats have in store for us? Will our eyes survive? Will all living feline creatures have to go into permanent hiding? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, give home and give your own cat a hug—they’ll need it in the rough days ahead.

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