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We like our people how we like our coffee: bold. Strategists. Storytellers. Journalists. Loudmouths. We’re enthusiastic about what we do and unafraid of who we are. Get to know us.

Evan Urbania

Co-Founder & CEO

“I'm passionate about the convergence of business, technology and creative social media. By serving as a translator between executive, technical and creative people, I'm able to lead our clients into uncharted territory that shows true value and business impact”

Beginning his entrepreneurial experience in his teens, Evan built a recording studio in his parents’ basement and produced over 40 albums for local musicians in New Jersey. Prior to ChatterBlast, Evan was the Chief Operating Officer of The Schubert Group where he worked as a strategy consultant to financial and high-tech companies. In 2002, he co-founded The Memoria Project, a non-profit effort to erect a community-created sculptural memorial in honor of the lives lost on 9/11. Evan’s accolades include being named a “40 Under 40” by the Philadelphia Business Journal and Drexel University Magazine.  He is also always the first to use – and get bored with – any new social platform. Always.

Matthew Ray

Co-Founder & Creative Director

"I'm at my happiest whenever I help a client develop an entertaining campaign that succeeds in driving business goals. Content is critical to me, and I want to detail all of our clients' important stories."

Even as a tyke, Matt wanted to tell people stuff – whether with his own voice or through any other channel he could utilize. After graduating from Temple University, Matt nurtured his need for information mongering via a career in mass media. Over the next decade, he learned the insides-and-outs of the communication business by writing, editing, blogging, press releasing, entertaining and informing at organizations like Elsevier, HX Media, TLA Entertainment Group, The Philadelphia Film Festival and Boston’s Fenway Center. He has designed, and currently teaches, two social media marketing classes at the University of the Arts and Temple. Matt enjoys biking, lying on the beach, Internet-famous animals and debating the merits of almost any point.

A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and friend to all raccoons, he now lives in South Philly with several thousand comic books and three healthy houseplants.


Jackie Kollar

Director of Digital Strategy

"Nothing is more satisfying than staying on top of trends and keeping current in the social-sphere. By nature, social media never sleeps and is constantly evolving. It's our job to grab the reigns, adopt new (and maturing) technology, and see how it can play into different brands and strategies."

Prior to coming to ChatterBlast, Jackie worked at 1 Trick Pony, a digitally focused advertising agency where she helped lead-up campaign initiatives and social management for Hard Rock, Virgin Mobile USA, and other various clients.

Jackie is a graduate of Rowan University for both Advertising & Graphic Design, and a native of South Jersey. She currently lives with too many Apple products and her Basenji (Google worthy) named Bunjie. In her free time, Jackie is an avid retail therapist, lover of Thai food, and a Pilates practitioner.

Shivani Desai

Senior Account Manager

"What I love most about social media is that it's always changing and evolving into something more than we expected. It allows us to have these incredible opportunities to get out of the black and white and really get creative for our clients."

Prior to moving to the city of Brotherly Love and joining ChatterBlast, Shivani worked at a Social Word of Mouth agency in the heart of SoHo in New York City. While in New York, Shivani worked with brands such as Skype and Cipriani, bringing in social influencers to increase brand awareness and love at various events, including BlogHer and Marvel movie premieres. Shivani hails from the Sunshine State and graduated from The University of Kansas with a degree in Psychology and a minor in business.
When Shivani’s not busy at work, you can find her exploring her new city with her husband, relaxing on the couch catching up on her guilty pleasures (the Bravo network), or scouring the Internet in a never-ending search for sweet and adorable puppies to bring home.

Anais Cooper-Hackman

Account Executive

"If I've learned anything in this business it's that every brand has a team of passionate people (do-gooders, if you will) behind it. I'm here to help their hard work cut through the noise."

Anaïs’ introduction to ChatterBlast Media occurred in the spring of 2016, when she capped off her university career as a student in one of Matthew Ray’s Social Media Strategy courses. Having Matt as a professor was great practice for having him as a boss, and now she works as ChatterBlast’s first Account Executive, assisting the Account Managers in project management and content creation. Few things are more rewarding than helping a brand cultivating authenticity and Anaïs works towards that in all of the work that she does. Previous to CBM, she spent a month volunteering in Hawaii and four years at Temple University as a Media Studies & Production Major, where she studied everything from international communication to audio production.
In her free time, Anaïs likes to find excuses to “treat herself” by dining out, strategize how to visit a new destination on a budget, and consider the greater meaning of human existence.

Gianna Leto

Strategy Coordinator

“There’s always a story to be told, but how it’s told makes all the difference. That’s the beauty of connecting brands with their audiences through social messaging—one story is never the same.”

A born-and-raised South Philadelphian and Temple University graduate, Gianna knew she found her passion in helping brands develop their voice after taking an Advertising Strategy & Positioning class. She started her journey at ChatterBlast as a Research & Reporting intern, where she utilized her skills to strategically plan, organize and create content that best represented each client.

Now as a full-time employee, Gianna finds solace in using numbers, data and graphs to clearly communicate a message. When she’s not lost in an Excel spreadsheet, you can find her reading in Washington Square Park by day and dancing at her favorite spots by night.

Grace Stasky

Ads & Analytics Manager

"The acceleration of social media marketing is growing faster each day. That's why it's imperative to keep up in order to help your brand flourish."

Coming from a diverse social media marketing background, Grace has a unique perspective. Her experience ranges from copywriting, to advertising, to analytical reporting but her passion is the numbers game. Whether it’s your budget or analytics, Grace is diving in head first.

When the proud Lock Haven University graduate isn’t targeting social ads or studying your analytics, she’s outdoors, hiking with her boyfriend and chocolate lab. You can also find her enjoying a good book and a cup of coffee.

Kyle Krajewski


“I like to think that each of our stories is relevant to the popular online conversation in one way or another. I get a kick out of figuring how and proceeding to tell those stories in a way that fits.”

After interning with ChatterBlast in the summer of 2014, Kyle returned to the ‘burbs to finish off his final year of school at West Chester University, studying English to 1.) perfect the art of writing and 2.) read an unhealthy amount of Shakespeare. Keeping in touch with the ‘Blasters as a freelancer throughout that year, Kyle was brought on as a full-time member of the team after graduating in May ‘15.

When he’s not trying to write the perfect tweet, he’s probably trying to build the perfect Spotify playlist. You can often find Kyle at your local happy hour frequenting the number of dog parks in South Philly, where he resides with his fiancé Breezy and shepsky Brenda (IG: @brendatheshepsky).

Valerie Hoke


“Finding ways to relate a brand’s niche messaging to relevant stories in news and culture is exciting to me. Social media allows for any organization to showcase their voice while proving they’re connected to a larger conversation.”

Whether she’s writing an essay, email or Instagram caption, Valerie usually feels she has the most to offer when she’s finding creative ways to string words together. After a while spent interning and writing part-time with ChatterBlast, Valerie was brought on as a full-time ‘Blaster at the beginning of summer 2016. Her writing has appeared in news outlets such as Philly, Generocity and the Phoenix New Times.

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Valerie has a degree in English from the University of Arizona and frequently answers the question, “How on Earth did you end up in Philadelphia?” (You have to ask her yourself to find out.) When she’s not writing at CBM, she can usually be found on Twitter yelling about outer space, Marvel comics and movies or NBA basketball.

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