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Strategists. Storytellers. Journalists. Loudmouths. We’re enthusiastic about what we do and unafraid of who we are. Get to know us.

Evan Urbania

Co-Founder & CEO

“I'm passionate about the convergence of business, technology and creative social media. By serving as a translator between executive, technical and creative people, I'm able to lead our clients into uncharted territory that shows true value and business impact”

Beginning his entrepreneurial experience in his teens, Evan built a recording studio in his parents’ basement and produced over 40 albums for local musicians in New Jersey. Prior to ChatterBlast, Evan was the Chief Operating Officer of The Schubert Group where he worked as a strategy consultant to financial and high-tech companies. In 2002, he co-founded The Memoria Project, a non-profit effort to erect a community-created sculptural memorial in honor of the lives lost on 9/11. Evan’s accolades include being named a “40 Under 40” by the Philadelphia Business Journal and Drexel University Magazine.  He is also always the first to use – and get bored with – any new social platform. Always.

Matthew Ray

Co-Founder & Creative Director

"I'm happiest whenever I help a client develop an entertaining campaign that succeeds in driving business goals. Content is critical to me, and I want to detail all of our clients' important stories."

Even as a tyke, Matt wanted to tell people stuff – whether with his own voice or through any other channel he could utilize. After graduating from Temple University, Matt nurtured his need for information  via a career in mass media. Over the next decade, he learned the insides-and-outs of the communication business by writing, editing, blogging, press release-ing, entertaining and informing at organizations like Elsevier, HX Media, TLA Entertainment Group, The Philadelphia Film Festival and Boston’s Fenway Center. He has designed and taught social media classes,  at the University of the Arts and Temple University. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Media Studies from the prestigious New School in New York. Matt enjoys biking, laying on the beach, tall tales, raccoons, and discussing how 80s pop culture changed the world.

A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Matt is currently living in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Philadelphia with thousands of comic books and several healthy succulents.

Jackie Kollar

Director of Digital Strategy

"Nothing is more satisfying than staying on top of trends and keeping current in the social-sphere. By nature, social media never sleeps and is constantly evolving. It's our job to grab the reigns, adopt new (and maturing) technology, and see how it can play into different brands and strategies."

Prior to coming to ChatterBlast, Jackie worked at 1 Trick Pony, a digitally focused advertising agency where she helped lead-up campaign initiatives and social management for Hard Rock, Virgin Mobile USA, and other various clients.

Jackie is a graduate of Rowan University for both Advertising & Graphic Design, and a native of South Jersey. She currently lives with too many Apple products and her Basenji (Google worthy) named Bunjie. In her free time, Jackie is an avid retail therapist, lover of Thai food, and a Pilates practitioner.

Shivani Desai

Senior Account Manager

"What I love most about social media is that it's always changing and evolving into something more than we expected. It allows us to have these incredible opportunities to get out of the black and white and really get creative for our clients."

Prior to moving to the city of Brotherly Love and joining ChatterBlast, Shivani worked at a Social Word of Mouth agency in the heart of SoHo in New York City. While in New York, Shivani worked with brands such as Skype and Cipriani, bringing in social influencers to increase brand awareness and love at various events, including BlogHer and Marvel movie premieres. Shivani hails from the Sunshine State and graduated from The University of Kansas with a degree in psychology and a minor in business.

When Shivani’s not busy at work, you can find her exploring her new city with her husband, relaxing on the couch catching up on her guilty pleasures (the Bravo network), or scouring the Internet in a never-ending search for sweet and adorable puppies to bring home.

Kyle Krajewski

Creative Manager

"Great creative happens when an eager and inspired team collaborates and executes thoughtfully."

After interning with ChatterBlast way back in the summer of 2014, Kyle returned to West Chester University to complete his degree in English. He continued his work with the Blasters as a freelance copywriter throughout that year and was brought on as a full-time member of the team upon graduating in 2015. Today, Kyle leads ChatterBlast’s Dynamic Asset Team in the production of thumb-stopping visual content campaigns.

When he’s not trying to write the perfect tweet, he’s probably trying to build the perfect Spotify playlist. You can often find Kyle frequenting the number of dog parks in South Philly, where he resides with his wife Breezy and shepsky Brenda (IG: @brendatheshepsky).

Valerie Hoke

Creative Manager

“Finding ways to relate a brand’s niche messaging to relevant stories in news and culture is exciting to me. Social media allows for any organization to showcase their voice while proving they’re connected to a larger conversation.”

Whether she’s writing an essay, email, or Instagram caption, Valerie usually feels she has the most to offer when she’s finding creative ways to string words together. She originally started at ChatterBlast as a intern, then progressed through the roles of content specialist and editor to her current title as creative manager, in which she oversees editorial and strategic efforts throughout the company. Her writing has appeared in news outlets such as Philly, Generocity, and the Phoenix New Times.

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Valerie holds a degree in English from The University of Arizona and frequently answers the question, “How on Earth did you end up in Philadelphia?” (You have to ask her yourself to find out.)

Stephen Tornetta

Operations Manager

"My background in both business and the arts lets me bridge the logistical and creative sides of a well-functioning media agency. My background in snacks keeps everyone happy.”

Stephen arrived at ChatterBlast after 11 years in the banking industry, most recently in the not-for-profit commercial space. He is a graduate of Penn State University, where he earned a B.S. in business management.

While working full-time, Stephen also pursued his passion of acting with a masters degree in theatre from Villanova University where he was a resident Acting Scholar. Outside of work, he tries to pursue theatre as often as possible either as a participant, audience member, or creator. He currently lives in South Philly with his fiancé, Mitchell, and their two dogs, Beau and Coby. If it wasn’t for small city living, Stephen would have 10 more dogs, eight chickens, a pig, and maybe even a cat. He also loves a good coupe glass.

Pat White

Account Manager

"Social media has a unique way of marrying the target audiences brands want with the relevant content users crave. As the pendulum swings from traditional marketing to a digital and social age, my passion is providing a consultative approach to drive business and engagement for your brand. We are here to identify and amplify your voice."

Prior to joining ChatterBlast in 2019, Pat worked at CBS Sports Digital in New York City, where he sold and managed cross-platform digital sponsorships. An avid sports fan, Pat supported campaigns around two Super Bowls, The Masters, The PGA Championship, March Madness and more. He moved to New York after spending two years in Madison, Wisconsin where he helped launch an expansion hockey team, while furthering his love for craft beer and cheese. Five years and three states later, he is excited to be home in the City of Brotherly Love.

Pat earned a degree in journalism from Penn State University. In his free time, he can be found at Philly sports games or concerts, on the beaches of Avalon with his fiancée Elese or continuing his quest to fine tune his golf game (easier said than done).

Joe Mineo

Ads & Analytics Manager

"Social ads don't have to be scary. The 'walled gardens' allow us to prove your message is seen, heard and tracked in ways that were never possible before. With the added benefits of massively detailed target audiences, brand safety, increased ROI and lower cost-per-action, advertising with social is a no-brainer for all businesses, big and small."

After graduating from Rowan University with a focus on Radio/TV/Film and Communication Studies, Joe learned the ropes of advertising at Entercom Philadelphia. He worked with iconic radio brands KYW Newsradio 1060, Sportsradio 94 WIP, 98.1 WOGL, and 92.5 WXTU to help develop their digital sales processes and optimize their social media advertising offerings.

Born and bred in South Jersey’s running culture, Joe spends his free time working out or training with his fiancée for their next races. He once ran 52 races in 52 weeks to support 52 charities, and the effort inspired him to continue running for great causes. When he’s not hitting the roads, he’s probably eating sushi or sketching away at one of his creative projects.

Kierstyn Schneck

Account Executive

"Everyone has a story, and social media is a great connector. Let us be the bridge that gets your story to the right audience, at the right time, with the right response."

As a D.C. transplant making her debut in Philadelphia, Kierstyn joined ChatterBlast as account coordinator in the late summer of 2018. She started as a journalist, but turned her communication skills to marketing for a firm in the D.C. area soon after graduating. No matter the channel, she is dedicated to getting the conversation rolling.

When she’s not exploring her new city, she can be found in the nearby hiking trails or joining others in their dog envy on the bridge over the Schuylkill River Park.

Matt Dennis

Account Executive

“The best part of social media is that it is able to give any organization a direct voice to their consumers. Developing, executing, and perfecting that voice is my passion.”

After interning with ChatterBlast during his senior year at Temple University, Matt was brought on the team full time as an account coordinator. Matt’s passion for social media developed when he enrolled in his first social media marketing course taught by ChatterBlast’s very own Matt Ray.

When Matt is not online, you can find him attending a Philadelphia sporting event, trying out a new restaurant in the city, or rewatching The Office in its entirety for the 28th time.

Natalie Abernethy

Graphic and Motion Designer

"Social media allows artists to share their work, create a community, and inspire one another. I like to use my social feeds to keep up to date on design trends and art events."

From drawing pictures to pushing pixels, Natalie has always been a lover of art and design.  She moved to Philadelphia from Virginia in 2017 to start her creative career, then joined the ChatterBlast team in March 2019. With a love for color and typography, she is happiest when using her visual skills to tell a story.

Natalie’s into millennial pink, crime thrillers, and It’s Always Sunny reruns. When she’s not busy creating, you can find her at the art museum or walking around South Philly with big headphones and a La Croix.

Kristen Sanchez


"Social media takes my passion for storytelling and gives it a fun twist. Each platform is a puzzle in which I need to meticulously fit my words. I get to see how and why one specific platform presents those words in a certain light while the next spins it in a completely different way—and then use that to help others."

Kristen was born and raised in The Middle of Nowhere, PA (where her hometown is actually called Hometown). She ventured out to earn a couple literary degrees from Penn State and decided soon after to up and move to Philadelphia without any type of real plan. After some time commuting and freelancing, she found solace in ChatterBlast and can now finally call herself a full-time Philadelphian writer. 

Kristen currently resides in Graduate Hospital where she is a mother to countless plants and a cat named Crocodile. When she’s not writing stories herself, she’s consuming others’ work in the form of movies, music, and stories told by her exaggerative grandfather (from whom she gets that quality).

Amy Burke

Ads & Analytics Coordinator

"For a seemingly complex digital landscape, social advertising proves itself more and more beneficial to a business. It can give you real, actionable results. And I love the challenge of tracking, testing, and measuring that gets you where you want to be."

Before finding herself at ChatterBlast, Amy graduated from Rowan University with degrees in both advertising and public relations and with a marketing minor. In true virgo form, Amy takes comfort in the tried and true stats, meticulous details, and data-driven results bringing her to her role in ads and analytics.
Amy is a proud South Jersey resident (so much closer to the beach). She has a deep love for fun and funky earrings, hippie-dippie hot yoga studios, and any kind of romantic period piece. If you want to talk Jane Austen, she is always available.

Katie Hagar

Strategy and Project Coordinator

“Today’s digital landscape is a space meant for innovation and collaboration. I hope to use it as a place to tell stories and connect people in new and exciting ways."

Katie is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia and was happy to return to the area after graduating from Penn State University in May of 2019. She joined ChatterBlast Media as Strategy and Project Coordinator, where she feels she found the perfect opportunity to combine her two areas of study: communications and digital media trends and analytics. 

Outside of the digital space, Katie’s first passion, beginning at age seven, is horseback riding. She currently spends most of her spare time training a young horse named Oliver in Chester Springs, PA. She grew up spending summers in the Adirondack Mountains, which she considers her second home, and continues to spend time there at least once a year. Katie also loves reading any book she can get her hands on and playing the piano (whenever she remembers to practice). 

Colin Pawlowski

Videographer & Editor

“Social media gives me a platform to create short-form micro-stories. I love the challenge of building a narrative and getting an emotional reaction from someone in less than 30 seconds.”

Colin grew up in the Philly suburbs just a subway ride away from where he went to school at Temple University. He majored in media studies and production where he dove headfirst into storytelling on multiple platforms. He graduated with a degree, his first short film, and unreasonably long hair.

Colin considers himself a creative producer, comedic storyteller, and an overall people person. He is making strides to tell his own stories as well as those of others by collaborating with Philly creatives and independent filmmakers. Colin currently resides in Brewerytown with almost no outlets and a pitbull named Meatball.

Cailin Giles

Associate Graphic and Motion Designer

"I find so much creative inspiration scrolling through my social feeds. I love that it gives everyone an opportunity to share images or words, and that someone I've never met could be moved by something I create."

Cailin grew up in central New Jersey, about 65 miles north of Thomas Jefferson University, where she graduated in 2019. Her love of animation began at a young age by excessively watching a VHS tape of 101 Dalmatians until it broke. Over time her creative passions expanded, and she discovered an excitement for visual design.

In her free time, Cailin is probably trying to teach herself a new hobby (previous examples include crocheting and needle felting), or entering a lottery for discounted tickets to see a Broadway musical. She lives in Spring Garden with a bunch of plants she has somehow managed to keep alive.