Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)

Philadelphia Gas Works is is the country’s largest municipally owned gas utility, serving 500,000 customers in Philadelphia County. Over the years, we have supported PGW in developing priority customer and community-focused engagement campaigns designed to help customers better afford their bills and manage services with PGW.

Digital Advertising | Impact Measurement

The Challenge

PGW offers a variety of financial aid and support opportunities benefitting low-income customers through their customer responsibility programming. We supported this outreach by developing integrated campaigns targeting key demographics and zip codes with animated and static creative assets delivered through social media, SEM, programmatic, and advanced video and audio advertising platforms.



Years of partnership


Conversions from Fall 2020 campaign


Site sessions from Fall 2020 campaign

The Results

Our integrated campaign approach brought awareness to PGW programs including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Parts & Labor Plan. Ads drove more than 50K website sessions and ultimately helped equip customers with tools to manage energy and bills more efficiently, and distributed PGW resources more effectively than in previous years.