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Aqua America

As a protector and provider of water to more than three million customers across eight states, Aqua America continues to grow through frequent acquisitions of both public water systems and utility companies. Over the course of a trusted partnership spanning more than five years, we’ve led Aqua through the creation of a social media strategy, a digital customer service program, a blog with more than 235 entries, a plethora of creative and advertising campaigns, and more.


With a Facebook fanbase of 24K users and more than 5.2 million impressions to date, Aqua’s Facebook presence alone stands out among utility companies on the platform. Our ongoing partnership with Aqua demonstrates that the power of social media goes far beyond the platforms on which it originates. From business development to customer service to monitoring and intelligence, countless areas of Aqua’s operations have been positively impacted by the direct, creative, and long-lasting connection to local communities built by social media.